Wedding Photographer Bergamo

What drives me are travels, the wonderful people and inspiring stories I discovers along the way. And when I can combine travels with photography it’s a perfect combo for me.
Can the situation be better than this? Sure it can. When the people you travel with, share exactly the same passions.
With Aga and Michał we knew from the beginning that we would like to shoot their wedding session somhere warm and romantic. Finally, we chose the beautiful Bergamo.
That was my first visit to this place and I’m so happy that I could spend some time with those two.
Aga is traveler and has the passion to explore, to experience and “taste” new places. She has a travel blog, check it out
At those moments when I sit in front of my computer, buried in the work and miss the views as below, I visit her side to watch the stories from new places.
Aga, thanks for the travel tips, I wish you many new blog posts. And now I would like to invite you to see Bergamo and the beautiful Como Lake.

Plener Jezioro Como Agata KwiecieńPlener Jezioro Como Agata KwiecieńPlener Jezioro Como Agata Kwiecień

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