Tips & Tricks

What look terrific in pictures?

When planning your wedding you've probably already though "how will this look in the pictures?". Whether it's the reception, decorations or the preparations, we have some tricks and ways to facilitate the work of your photographer.

Whether you are getting ready in a spacious hotel room or in a small bedroom in your own house, make sure to put away things you don't want to see in the photos. Bags, clothing, or for example a fizzy drink bottle. Instead, get a pretty tumbler or indulge yourself and enjoy a glass of champagne.

If you have a choice of the place where you are going to get ready, remember - the brighter and more spacious room the better. Side light streaming in through a window or skylight in an attic room also looks stunning.

Maybe you have an opportunity to get ready outside? Why not? Rustic wedding will look phenomenal with the preparations taking place in the garden or in the woods.

Preparations taking place in a house in the mountains? Why not take advantage of a balcony with a beautiful view? If your photographer comes up with an interesting idea, don't be afraid to think out of the box.

Don't rush on the way to the altar and during the exit. Let your guests admire you, walk slowly.

At this point, you are the most important. Remember not to seek the photographer with your eyes (this tip applies all day, but is especially good for the ceremony).

It is a moment full of emotion, there really is nothing inappropriate with smiling, hugs and showing emotions during the church ceremony. Do not be afraid to hold hands, embrace or look at each other.

During the vows, face each other. This way you will look at each other, not at the priest or the Registrar, and the guest will be also able to see you better.

After exchanging the rings you will not always hear the famous "and now you may kiss the bride" - so if you feel like it, just kiss :)

And one more important tip - just when you are leaving the church your guests should throw flower petals / confetti at you (the more the better !!! it looks the most spectacular then). I love that moment. But remember not to overtake your guests. So after the ceremony don't rush, stay behind for a while and let your guests exit first.

If you want to take a group photo with all the guests this is the perfect moment! So after the ceremony and before the congratulations.

Consistency of accessories and style looks great in photos. Rustic wedding - wood, nature and naked cake. Autumn wedding - warm light and seasonal decorations.

What else looks great in photos? Smoke effects, creative lighting (there are companies on the market that specialize in wedding lighting), romantic dances with candles, or fireworks - remember that during such a show you should stand next to each other.

Storing photos

Albums and prints are best kept in a dry place away from direct light. Leaving them in harsh sunlight or in humid places will shorten their lifespan.
We keep completed photo sets of our couples on file, but remember to make yourself at least one backup copy just in case.